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Cats need grooming too..

Yes , they do! I can hear you now.. My cat cleans himself, he doesn't need a bath!
Actually, that is incorrect.. Your cat licks himself, he does not "clean " himself.. As gross as this sounds, your cat is actually spitting on himself and licking it off. Saliva is what most people are allergic to on cats and guess what, kitty is spreading it all over... He is also swallowing all that loose hair that is normally all over your pillow, couch, keyboard, etc.. This usually produces a furry little ( sometimes big ) hairball.. usually left in a very conspicuous your computer chair.. Kitty also needs his toenails clipped regularly so he doesn't get hung up on the couch, rug, screen door, the dogs head, etc. If allowed to grow too long, his nails can also grow around and into his foot, which is very painful.

Your cat needs a bath whether he/she is long haired or short. Cats can become greasy, especially on their back and start to matt. They need their nails cut and their ears cleaned. sometimes they have fleas and need those controlled also.

No cat enjoys being dirty , flea ridden or matted. We love to groom cats and would love to do yours.  Call or email me today and find out how easy it is to have a happy cat....

Call me to book your cats grooming with us..