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Skunked !!!
It happens to the best of us. You go out in the back yard to do your business and there is a cat in your yard. A big black and white cat ! You go over to it and tell it to leave your yard and it stomps its foot at you. Strange, because no cat has ever done that before. You decide to teach this intruder a lesson and all of  a sudden there is this awful smell and you are blinded. Dog, You smell pretty ripe! There goes the kitty waddling away looking quite happy with itself.  You run for the house but the humans are acting strange too. No one wants you near them. They are yelling and running away. They are saying something about a bath. Oh, No, how much worse can this get....

Skunk Spray remedy.

This will only work if you don't get the skunked area wet before applying this mixture. If the dog goes in a creek, pond or mud hole before using this, it won't be as effective. Apply this directly to the dirty ,dry smelly dog.

If the dog has been sprayed in the eyes and face, (where they usually get it cause their nose is in the skunks butt ;-) ) , use an over the counter douche to wash the face.

Bathe the dog outside if warm enough or in the bathroom with the door closed and the windows open.

Do not mix and store this product. IT WILL EXPLODE !!!

Mix together 1 Quart (or liter )  3% hydrogen peroxide , use a fresh unopened bottle of peroxide, old bottles turn to water over time and lose effectiveness.
Add 1/4 Cup baking soda and 1 Tsp liquid dish soap, ( ivory is good. ) Combine in a large open container. Watch it foam...

Use latex gloves to apply. You should wear gloves anytime your pet comes into direct contact with a wild animal. If it is Rabid and saliva from the animal is on your pet, it can be transported to you by direct contact with the saliva.  Use caution.

apply product to your dogs coat, working on the skunked area first. keep out of the eyes and face.  Work into the coat with lukewarm water.

Let the mixture stay on the dog for at least 10 minutes.

Rinse the dog thoroughly with warm water. Check his eyes after the bath. If they are red and irritated, he may have taken a direct shot of skunk to the eyes. it wont blind him but it is very painful. Contact a vet.

You can also apply 1/2 tsp vanilla and 2 cups warm water to the well rinsed dog. Helps to freshen.

Be aware that this mixture can cause bleaching of dark coats, but it's better than skunk smell.

If this sounds like too much work or you have nowhere to wash the dog, call and we can do it for you.